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If you can help with the following information or have insights into any of our published stories, we’d love to hear from you by email or on our Facebook page:


The Wood family – Grave Tales, Brisbane Vol 1

Does anyone have a photo of Grace, Meta or Rosita Wood from Coorparoo?


Dawn Peters – Grave Tales, Great Ocean Road

Who is Dawn Peters and why does she have two broken headstones reading “Someone cares” in the Lorne cemetery?


Jack (John) Denholm/Denham – Grave Tales, Great Ocean Road

Does anyone know the family tree/ancestral line for John (Jack) Denholm/Denham, the young man who died on the La Bella in Warrnambool?

Were his parents Lewis and Ellen and did they emigrate to Australia?

Did John (Jack) have any siblings?


Mollie Thompson – Grave Tales: Bruce Highway

Are any of Mollie’s descendants open to sharing their thoughts about what happened to Mollie? Does anyone have a family photo?


Sarah Riches, Ladies of the Lighthouse (Cape Otway) – Grave Tales, Great Ocean Road

Would any of Sarah’s descendants have a photo of Sarah, or Sarah with her family – husband Thomas Riches, and four sons, James, Edward, William, John. After spending years in the Sunbury Asylum, Sarah the mother of nine children who followed her husband to Australia for a new start, lies in an unmarked
grave somewhere in Sunbury General Cemetery.


Mary Birch – Grave Tales: Bruce Highway

It has been a struggle to find an image of Mary Birch, of Birch Carroll and Coyle fame. Mary was an influential businesswoman of her era, and also at one staged was a lessee of Rockhampton’s Criterion Hotel. We’d love to find an image of this amazing lady.


William Ware,  the hangman – Grave Tales: Brisbane Vol 1

Does anyone know why doesn’t William Ware have a grave in South Brisbane Cemetery? (Perhaps he didn’t want to be recognised)!


Eliza Emily Donnithorne – Grave Tales: Sydney

Believed to be the possible inspiration for Charles Dickens’ character, Miss Havisham in Great Expecations, no formal portrait or painting seems to exist of Eliza, which is unusual given she was from a well-to-do family. Has anyone seen one?