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When ordinary people are caught up in extraordinary events, their stories and lesson should not be forgotten, lest we are condemned to repeat them! Forty years ago, Juanita Nielsen fought developers who wanted to push the working-class residents out of her street in Potts Point to develop the area; not long after, Juanita disappeared, feared murdered. Today, a housing affordability crisis is pushing key workers out of the city –will Juanita’s fight be in vain? He was the greatest wartime sniper Australia has ever known and his fellow soldiers were glad that Billy Sing was on their side. But the [...]

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Intriguing lives and lasting resting places are documented in the fascinating Grave Tales.

Grantlee Kieza   

They may be buried in cemeteries... but they are being remembered years after their demise.

Helen Holdey, Brighton   

I was enthralled with the stories and read them all in one sitting. Just in the past two weeks, I have completed the quest of finding and visiting all the graves in the book.

Sue Hart   

If I buy only one book this year, it will be Grave Tales.

Michael Wouters, Cootharaba   

About us

Lovers of history, storytelling and a good hunt … Some people might think it is odd to spend time in the cemetery, but in our travels, we have met many people who, like us, enjoy the history, solitude, and beauty of these resting places. For two journalists, this project is exciting. We love bringing stories to life and discovering new angles, and being able to present new [...]

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Quotes from Grave Tales:

“The train was rocking dangerously as it approached the bend. It appeared to be gathering speed. I realised something was wrong, and yelled out ‘Hold on, here it comes.”

— Mr J. O’Mara. Source: The Courier-Mail, May 1947.